Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Zeppelin Museum, Meersburg, Germany

Meersburg is a beautiful small town on the shores of Lake Constance in Germany. The medieval town centre is charming and it is well worth a visit.

Looming over the walls of the old town is Meersburg castle and a baroque era palace. There is a museum in the castle and escorted tours (in German).

Whether you speak German or not, the tour is worth it.

Near to the water mill is the Zeppelin Museum, a small collection of airship related memorabilia and artifacts.

Zeppelin stein and statuette

Paul Jaray's pioneering masterpiece, the LZ120 Bodensee of 1919. Although the airship was only in German hands for less than a year, it made more than 1000 flights between Fredrichshafen and Berlin, and some voyages further afield, such as a 17 hour flight from Berlin to Stockholm. In 1921 she was seized as war reparations and transferred to Italy.

Zeppelin themed beer steins.

A marvelous model of the LZ127 Graf Zeppelin.

Crockery setting from the LZ129 

Guests on the Graf Zeppelin's record breaking round the world voyage in 1929 dined in luxury

The real genius behind the Zeppelin company was Dr Hugo Eckener. He joined the company in 1908 as a part time publicist. He soon began piloting airships (not successful in the first instance) before eventually taking a hand in every aspect of the company.

Zeppelin artifacts

The museum is only small but its collection is extensive and interesting. We would have stayed longer but we had a Zeppelin flight booked and had limited time. It is well worth checking out if you're passing by. Also, Meersburg is a good place to stay, rather than Constance, as it's a pretty location with good facilities, good hotels and dining options and close to many lakeside tourist attractions.

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